Content is up!

Now you can finally read the rest of those stories that ended with “for more, go to!”  Well, they are finally posted.  Explore the site and have fun.  We may yet come across some items that we missed, so keep checking back to see if we post more.  Enjoy…

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Coming Soon!

If you’ve been here before, you may notice the new look.  If this is your first time, you are probably looking for all the content you were promised.  No doubt most visitors will be those who recently got their copy of the Protoculture Con 2015 Program Guide.  That guide was 20 pages of Convention info, and 60 pages of Zor’s Journal.  Much of the art, fiction, comics, etc. in the book told you that more would be available here.  Well, we are in the middle of uploading all that content, and while we are at it, we are giving the site a face lift.  Our goal is to have all that great Robotech content available here, and more, by Saturday, 17 October.  Maybe we will have it up before then, but we promise to get it posted no later than then, so keep checking back.

Things you can expect to find here:

Previous versions of Zor’s Journal with different Art, Fiction and More.

Continuations of the stories from the current edition.

More of the Live Action Graphic Novel, including the prototype with motion and sound!

Even more art!  Stuff which we weren’t able to put in the book due to space limitations (and budget).

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