Zor’s Journal is a collection of Robotech art and fiction from around the world.  We also carry other content, such as comics, interviews, news, and articles.  We have been working on this project since 2007, when Harmony Gold’s own Tommy Yune first suggested turning a small fan fiction project into something more.  The original concept was an annually produced anthology of creative works collected from non-professional contributors.  Zor’s Journal was a way for aspiring artists and writers to get their Robotech inspired work out for others to see.  Unfortunately, due to the complicated legal environment in which Robotech resides, with its complex web of licensing, and the two movie studios which have been interested in making a live action movie, it has been exceedingly difficult to get this product on book store shelves.  And we can’t promise that it will ever get there.

What you will find on this site is a collection of the works submitted by our contributors over the years.  Most recently, Zor’s Journal partnered with Protoculture Con, the convention celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Robotech, to produce a product which was simultaneously a commemorative art book and a convention program guide.  Sadly, the book wasn’t large enough to contain all the content we wanted to put in it, but you can find it all here.  So take your time, explore the site, enjoy the content, and leave some comments.  We’d love to hear from you!