Brian McAfee

Two chapters of Brian’s fiction appeared in the last edition of the Journal.  That was just the tip of the iceberg.  Brian has completed two full length novels.  Originally, he attempted to produce them in hard copy, with full color covers, and send them to anyone who asked.  This is what first got Harmony Gold’s attention, and eventually led to the creation of Zor’s Journal.  Now you can download the PDF versions of those novels, and if there is enough interest, he may even finish writing the third and final novel in the trilogy.  Comment here if you are interested!

Lesser of Two Evils


As the Mars Division prepares to depart for Earth, a distress call is received from the REF outpost on Peryton.  A small task force is sent to investigate and mount a rescue mission.  What they find on that mysterious world is far more dangerous than any of them dared to imagine.  A struggle is on between the Invid and the Robotech Masters for control of the planet.  Why have these two foes returned to fight over this out of the way planet of wizards and sorcerers?  Cut off from the rest of the REF, this small rescue force will uncover a secret that will threaten the future of the entire galaxy!  Outnumbered and with no chance of reinforcements, the REF warriors find themselves caught up in a battle to control a devastating power.  Who will claim this dangerous prize, Invid or Masters?  With no hope of escape, the rescuers will have to choose between… The Lesser of Two Evils.



Robert Farino, hero of the Perytonian rescue mission, must decide between his career and his love.  As the Jupiter Division prepares to depart for Earth, Robert’s own task force sets off to seek the escaped Robotech Masters and their factory satellite.  Gia, the captured Invid Princess remains imprisoned and experimented on by the REF.  Robert’s decision will take him home to Earth, and will bring him face to face with the Invid Regess.  In order to save Gia, he will have to choose… Desertion.

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