2008 Edition (prototype)


Zor’s Journal Prototyle Edition

This is the first incarnation of Zor’s Journal.  It is more of a proof of concept than an actual issue of the Journal.  This is what we originally sent to Harmony Gold as a demonstration of just what we could do.  Well, they liked it, and we started working on an actual book shortly after.  Still, this older version is filled with art and fiction of the same high quality as the current edition, and in it you can see the Red Feathers’ Saga live action graphic novel.  Ironically, the graphic novel in the current version, the Program Guide version, is a prequel to this one, so if you want to see the next chapter in that story, download this book!  And we have even more live action graphic novel content available in the Graphic Novel section of the site.  Enjoy!



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